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Belly Love Workshop

When stress or illness effects your digestion there are many tools yoga therapy and self healing can help you with.

Whether you have mild symptoms of IBS, a more serious condition like IBD or post operative bowel cancer or work with people who you wish to have more skills to serve, then come along and feel more empowered.

You will experience and learn the following techniques to help you manage your individual digestive health:

  • How to transform the perceived curse of an oversensitive system into a blessing
  • Self massage and acupressure
  • Yoga therapy techniques
  • Craniosacral insights on how our digestive organs like to move and be met
  • Pain management
  • Rapid ways to boost your energy to heal.



' lots of interesting material and concepts to explore ! Great workshop' 

'My craniosacral therapist asked me to get to know more specifically where my digestive complaint was coming from. I found that very hard to do. Being guided how to do this finger pressure technique at the workshop really helped me tune in and understand where my gut was feeling OK and where it was tender'.

Adjustments for the 25 point Finger Pressure.

Use your first two fingers of your left handplaced on top of the first two fingers nails of your right.

Move down each row. You may not have space on the outside rows for 5 points, maybe just 3 or 4 depending on body shape.

Also if strong pressure doesn't feel right then be careful, especially on tender areas. A light touch can be more effective for inflammation and a strong press for muscle tension.

When in doubt, be gentle.

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These London workshops combine craniosacral therapy techniques, self massage and yoga therapy for pain management.

One woman said her bellyache went within the first 5 minutes of the first routine.

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