"The coaching and advice I had from Tanya on The Belly Love Method was absolutely transformational in my recovery from a parasitic infection and digestive problems.

The reason Tanya is so unique and her work has lasting effects is because she deals with the psychology around digestion as well as the physical work. 

I had been struggling for years with digestive troubles and seeing a nutritionist. Delving into the whole holistic side of eating and digestion was so insightful. I now have so many tools to help me in a digestive flare, and the biggest challenge was overcoming my fear of trying new foods.

Tanya is a true listener and can create a package unique to each individual. Her craniosacral therapy heals from the inside and always manages to reset my system back to balance. She is a positive, reassuring, warm and caring person and having her help these last 6 months has been invaluable."

The Belly Love Method 

Beloved Belly

A one-to-one service for busy people who are coping with the discomfort of a digestive health issue. 

Beloved Belly is the quickest and most thorough way to help manage ongoing symtoms. 

Delivered in 11 sections by Skype and email featuring biodynamic craniosacral therapy and self care routines. 


Schedule a chat with Tanya to find out the conscious and less conscious ways you may be stopping yourself from improved health. This will help you see more clearly what your obstacles are and how to get the motivation to overcome them. 


Tanya will suggest a Belly Love programme to suit you the best        or refer other resources to you. 

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