Enjoy The Feel Good








Your body is always responding

to activities and objects you appreciate.

We find it easy to be 

responsive to the 'feel bad' warnings

of sensations of pain.

Most of us do not know how to

really sense and enjoy the 'feel good' with mastery.

By improving how we sense positive feedback better,

 we actually boost our connection and supply of 

 energy reserves we need to heal.

What's more,  by being present

to positive feedback

from our body,

life becomes both

physically and emotionally more enjoyable

(whether we are also feeling unwell

or in need of belly love).

This chapter is near the beginning of The Belly Love Method 

as it is a great foundation

for the rest of the self healing techniques you are going to learn.

It can be a profound shift in perspective and self care.

Next time you walk down the street, for example,

look  for what you can see that helps you feel enjoyment of it...

and then remember to enjoy the feel good messages from the body too!

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