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Posted by Tanya Goodman Bailey on Thursday, August 21, 2014 Under: The Liver Breath
Never let appreciation go underrated! Without it, I would never know whether the Belly Love Method works as much for others as it does for me. I would leave my workshops feeling at best insecure and at worse paranoid that attendees sat in a room for 3 hours to hear and do nothing but talk and perform movements that unsettle their ailments.

I have just put up some appreciative feedback I have received on the website which has fuelled my batteries and think it apt to relay here.

My top 3 most appreciated moments in the workshops so far:

  1. A woman blurting out that her belly pain vanished within 5 minutes of the very first exercise! (Coincidentally we were doing an exercise that appreciates the health or 'Felt Sense' that is already present). A golden moment!
  2. A medical doctor attending. It gave confidence to others and even inspired an enquiry in a feedback email today how she got on. Well, I hope she doesn't mind if I hint here that I'll soon be asking her permission to declare it publically!
  3. Hearing that the Lend Yourself A Hand techniques are being used every day by other clients. One inspiring person who has controlled their anorexia and bulmia is now following the Lend Yourself A Hand for additional support. 

There was one of these Lend Yourself A Hand techniques that is not on the website that I would like to share here... The Liver Breath. 
  • Place your hands on your liver (right side lower ribs) and breathe in. 
  • As you breathe in really feel your liver rise and fan open from the base.
  • Feel it come back down as you breath out. 
The liver used to be considered the seat of emotions in Egyptian mythology. Time to appreciate it again and benefit from how soothing that feels.

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