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A Belly Massage - The Regulator

Posted by Norman Bailey on Monday, January 30, 2017
Self Massage For Your Belly.

Nice that the Evening Standard mentioned The Belly Love Method.
Here is the full version of the massage

Try this massage just once a day to
regular bowel movements and aid the direction of
the colon's transit, right to left.

Warm Up:

  • Begin by rigorously rubbing your palms together
    to boost their electromagnetic charge.
  • Rub front of the thighs 7 times or so with your knuckles, (recommended to alleviate pain in the gut.)

Tune In:
  • Place your right palm beneath your right rib, your liver area.
  • Place your left palm on top of your right.
  • Your thumbs are near your lowest right rib, one on top of the other. This is position 1.

Take a soothingly slow deep breath.
Tune into the rise and fall of your hands.

Encourage your whole belly to rise on the inhale
and come back down on the exhale.
(Avoid forcing your belly out with your muscles,
it really is softer than that).

Imagine you are breathing from pubis to breast bone:
a nice, big, belly breath.

6 Circles:

Picture your abdominal cavity with two circles drawn on it:
one above the belly button to the sternum
and one below to the pubis bone.

   For the upper belly:
   (Hands still in position 1)
  •    Slide both hands moving right to left in the upper circle.
  •    Cross over to below your left rib,
  •    slide down and back across your belly button (left to right)
  •    and back to the beginning
   Circle 3 times.

   Now for the lower belly:

   Begin just above your right hip bone,
   in line with the middle of your right thigh.
  •    Stroke up and across your navel (right to left),   
  •    down towards your left hip,
  •    cross back above pubic bone (left to right)
  •    end above your right hip.
   Circle 3 times.

Knee / Knee

   Place your palms, one on top of the other, above your right knee.
   Make one big stroke:
  •    up your right thigh all the way up to your lowest right rib,
  •    go across to your left rib (right to left)
  •    and down the left side, pass your left hip,
  •    down your left thigh to above your left knee.

End well:

Place your right hand on your right thigh, left on left thigh.
Softly exhale 3 times.

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