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Sing For Your Belly

Posted by Norman Bailey on Sunday, October 18, 2015,
In the summer I hosted my first all day Belly Love workshop. 

This workshop went through each chapter from B to Y (each chapter takes an initial from the words Belly Love as its heading)

Before lunch we went through the chapters of Belly and after lunch it was time for.. Love!
For the chapter L - Loosen Up,  I had a surprise guest for my workshop attendees.
It was a vocal harmonic session with my husband, Norman Bailey.

You see, singing helps tone the vagal nerve which governs digestion and I t...
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The Early Birds

Posted by Norman Bailey on Sunday, March 29, 2015, In : Digestive Health Workshop 

I am blown away by the feedback sheets on The Belly Love Methodworkshop this morning… Here were 18 people despite the clocks going forward last night, who turned up for an 8am start. Some coming from far and wide as London is far and wide.

One woman, a repeat customer, announced at the beginning to the whole group how these workshops, videos and routines are the only things that have helped her completely cure her IBS (along with a specific diet I shall investigate and the roasted carrots we...

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Guest Blog: What Happened Next: a GP attends the Digestive Health Workshop

Posted by Tanya Goodman Bailey on Sunday, August 24, 2014,
Aug 23 at 7:02 PM
Whilst trying to cope with the grim maelstrom that is now the everyday reality of working as a GP in the NHS I discovered Tanya's Yin Yoga class by accident. But there's no such thing as an accident. My discovery happened because I was late arriving at the previous open yoga class and was turned away. Through gritted teeth I went home determined to return for whatever the next class was going to be. It was Yin Yoga. I haven't looked back and every wednesday afternoon that I c...

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