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Guest Blog on Bloating by Anastasis Tzanis

Posted by Tanya Goodman Bailey on Thursday, September 11, 2014, In : Guest Blog 

Ansatasis Tzanis, a nutritional therapist and yoga coach
based in Hampstead, London
Guest blogger for The Belly Love Method

Anastasis Tzanis

Bloated and unable to find the valve to release the air?


That’s how I feel every time I am bloated. However, did you know that having gas in our intestines is normal: 

1. We swallow air while eating.

2. Undigested carbohydrates get fermented by bacteria in our intestines producing gas in the process. A lot of people however suffer fro...

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Crohn's - My Story

Posted by Tanya Goodman Bailey on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, In : Living With Crohn's 

How are your motions today? Apparently this is a customary greeting in Indian society. The first time I heard that I was quite taken aback. Motions meaning bowel movements? How we loo is still a fairly taboo topic in polite British society. There really is a time and a place!
aving been diagnosed with Crohn’s in 1993 and now pretty well equipped at managing symptoms, so much so I am even creating a project to help people with digestive troubles called The Belly Love Method t
here are times w...

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