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Sing For Your Belly

Posted by Norman Bailey on Sunday, October 18, 2015
In the summer I hosted my first all day Belly Love workshop. 

This workshop went through each chapter from B to Y (each chapter takes an initial from the words Belly Love as its heading)

Before lunch we went through the chapters of Belly and after lunch it was time for.. Love!
For the chapter L - Loosen Up,  I had a surprise guest for my workshop attendees.
It was a vocal harmonic session with my husband, Norman Bailey.

You see, singing helps tone the vagal nerve which governs digestion and I thought getting people to use their voice would be an uplifiting part to ward off the lull of an energy dip after eating.

At the beginning of his session he asked who sings regularly. 2 hands went up.

At the end of his half hour slot he had us all in the palm of his hand singing in four part harmony. 
Norman asked at the end, how many of you would now like to join a choir?
Most hands in the room went up.

So dear Belly Lover, we have decided to specialise in vocal workshops until the end of the year, after which we are forming a choir. You, dear belly lover are cordially invited too. If you can't make it pop over to Norman's website to get some tips to open your voice (and indirectly help your belly)

Today we had people who thought they were tone deaf singing in harmony with the rest of the group. 

I present you Norman Bailey

PS There are still Belly Love workshops in the pipeline so look out for dates coming soon

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