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Why Ferment? Food As Medicine

November 14, 2016

Sitting with Nao, a Japanese friend, she explained that the condiments you see around a Japanese plate, the wasabi, the miso soup, the (fermented) soya sauce translate as the word 'medicine'. The most high-end Sake in Japan have a fermentation process where the huge vats of ferment are sang to by their workers whilst they press down the rice grain. Good vibrations!

Fermented food improves your immune system and digestive system and is the best way to help your gut bactieria thrive.
If you are like me and are better off with cooked foods, home made ferments will keep your gut bacteria healthy with a daily intake of beneficial organisms, enzymes and added vitamins and can be taken in small doses that won't cause tummy trouble. There may be a little discomfort to begin but it's worth gentle persuasion until the gut begins to crave these foods.

A note of caution:  fermented food is high in histamine so if you have reflux or other symptoms connected to high levels then you may need to seek to stabilize them first.  However this is a highly debated topic, the counter argument being that the ferment itself will help balance histamine levels.

I had the great fortune of attending Viola Sampson's Wild Fermentation Workshop.

Viola is a fellow craniosacral therapist friend with a microbiology background.
Spending a day learning how to bring more belly love into my world was Belly Love heaven!
Viola has a great way of convincing us how important our microbiome is, how it helps hour immune system and our hormone production, how depleted it has become since we began to refrigerate food and how fun and easy it is to ferment. It's also a small and important way we can help sustainable ecology and reclaim our depleted microbiology. (We have the same or more friendly bacteria DNA than we do human DNA so it deserves some help to thrive).

Since the workshop I have gained much pleasure in the simple art of combining different foods to ferment. Having some shredded cabbage to 'burp' when get home is suprisingly satisfying!
Learn from You Tube clips, go on Viola's workshop or read the fermentation bible,  The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz.