"Amazing first experience of this sort of workshop."

"I had a terrible stomach attack which I think was food poisoning as I ended up being sick but thanks to you was calm and able. I used the yin poses and the Belly Love to flow with the pain; with things like rubbing my thighs and circling hands on stomach. I am so grateful for you in my life! Thank you a million times."

Classes and workshop:

My weekly dose of Yin led first my sister, and then me, to Tanya's digestive health workshop. I signed up - not with my doctor's hat on - but with my "human being in need of support" hat firmly on my head.

I enjoyed working in the group, I engaged with the restorative yoga exercises and I started to listen to the advice that was being shared frankly about nutrition and food to help with specific digestive issues. That's not something I know very much about - nutrition wasn't on the medical school curriculum in my day.

Afterwards I remembered some of the restorative methods in Tanya's Belly Love programme, and I reminded myself about others from the worksheets. I lie on my bed at home some mornings doing my left leg circles, and liver breathing, and "lend myself a hand" to apply 25 point finger pressure to my belly. It's a grounding way to start the day.

But what's been really surprising, is the benefit I've enjoyed quite quickly from making a real effort to follow the dietary advice. Despite the ongoing anxiety of being in the middle of transition, and not quite knowing how things will work out, nor where we'll all be in the future, I've been downing litres of coconut water to rehydrate, and taken to eating short grain brown rice, buckwheat salads and roasted carrots with cumin and maple syrup. I'm back to passing properly formed stools, sleeping better and my breathing is much calmer. I'm feeling hungry again and my weight has stabilised. I still have waves of real anxiety, but I seem to have uncoupled my emotional mindset from my gut in a surprising - and healthier - way.


Abi Berger

One-to-One Skype sessions

"The coaching and advice I had from Tanya on The Belly Love Method was absolutely transformational in my recovery from a parasitic infection and digestive problems.

The reason Tanya is so unique and her work has lasting effects is because she deals with the psychology around digestion as well as the physical work. 

I had been struggling for years with digestive troubles and seeing a nutritionist. Delving into the whole holistic side of eating and digestion was so insightful. I now have so many tools to help me in a digestive flare, and the biggest challenge was overcoming my fear of trying new foods.

Tanya is a true listener and can create a package unique to each individual. Her craniosacral therapy heals from the inside and always manages to reset my system back to balance. She is a positive, reassuring, warm and caring person and having her help these last 6 months has been invaluable."

Mel Hillyard

" It was wonderful. Everything has functioned perfectly since. I keep singing the song to myself."  Caroline

"Tanya was incredibly comforting and explained the concepts well.'

'I can only say how much I enjoyed Tanya's previous workshop and how much I benefited from it'

Estelle Yoga, (workshop assistant and yoga teacher in W14)

Encourage someone to try The Belly Love Method

Thank you!

One day I happened to bump into someone who had attended a workshop a few months earlier.

She happily told me that her ulcerative colitis had cleared up because of the recommendation I gave her at a workshop.

Please remember to let The Belly Love Method know when your story changes for the better because of a workshop,  free visits to the website or a coaching session.

You may just encourage someone who needs it!

Thank you, Tanya Goodman Bailey